SO, alot of you were super interested when I mentioned how I made money doing online surveys, so I thought you would all be incredibly intersted in a much easier and fun way I now make some extra cash. It’s called featurepoints, and its an app for your phone or tablet on which you get points for downloading and playing free apps. The points can then be turned into paypal funds, amazon gift vouchers and more! IT’S 110% NOT A SCAM I PROMISE. I’ve made £25 in 5 days from just spending half an hour to 45 mins an evening downloading a few apps, plus you can just uninstall them once you are done! I’ve linked the website below for more information on featurepoints, but its a phone or tablet app, so you will need to download it onto one or both of those. ALSO and most importantly, when you first sign up it will ask you if you have a code, use my code 1XMQWC and it will give you 50 points free, which really helps 

Monday May 5 @ 11:34pm

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Friday May 5 @ 08:33pm

Anonymous said: How much did you win in Deal or no Deal?

3 grand :) I could of had more but I just wasn’t even slightly brave enough to risk it. it’s so much harder when you are sat in that chair than watching it on tv haha. I put half of my winnings away for my future endevours, the rest I did fun stuff with haha ^.^

Monday Apr 4 @ 05:21pm
Friday Apr 4 @ 09:59pm

Anonymous said: May I ask who did your amazing freddy horror ink and where to? xo

Matt Perry :) he was in brighton guest tattooing but now hes back in new zealand :( </3 aha

Thursday Mar 3 @ 11:42am
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Friday Feb 2 @ 11:47am
You know when you truly miss someone, despite the fact they did horrible things to you once.

It makes me feel so weak :(

Wednesday Feb 2 @ 03:13pm
nothing better than a really good kiss

nothing better than a really good kiss

Friday Feb 2 @ 07:22pm
Friday Jan 1 @ 12:12pm


Freque Magazine, Vol Six, Part One

Model, MUA, Hair: Zoe Melissa Mae

Photographer and retouch: Lauren-Becki Rowlands

my first publication :D

Thursday Jan 1 @ 12:18pm

new video on the youtubez <3 

Wednesday Jan 1 @ 01:12pm


Monday Jan 1 @ 06:08pm

Anonymous said: hey I've been following you for a while you are literally so amazing. do you have an amazon wishlist? >.<

Thankyou so much! Means the world to me that people actually do like what I am doing haha :p. I do actually :) its not super exciting though, just a long lost list of what my heart desires at the time hahaha ;)


Wednesday Jan 1 @ 02:55am
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