Dollhouse Photography Disney Villians Shoot

Maleficent: Belle UK
Queen Of Hearts: Becky Holt
Cruella: Lusy Logan
Ursula: (ME!) Zoe Melissa Mae
Evil Queen: Frankii Wilde

Photography and edit : Dollhouse Photography

Hair: Jessica White Hair Artist & Charlie Heap
Makeup: Joanna Strange, Zanett Makeup Artist & Little Orange Loves

Drown Soda
Valkyrie Corsets
Fabulously Fetish
Hysteria Machine
Miss Winters- Sanguinem Libidine

This set will be avaliable to see in Bizarre magazine tomorrow! (21st October)

Search: Doll House Photography on Facebook to see all other images from this shoot <3

Monday Oct 10 @ 10:16pm



can you believe that there are legal nipples and illegal nipples

That’s it, that’s actually it.

Thursday Sep 9 @ 12:03am

Anonymous said: I swear i saw a gif of you the other day! but now i can't find it :(

theres a few dotted around! I’ve succeeded on the cool scale for having gifs of me ;) hahahaha

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 05:31pm

m0rguethanwords said: You're so, so perfect oh my gosh. You are genuinely an inspiration to me, hope I can be as beautiful as you one day, inside and out! xxx

oh wow! thankyou so much <3 that means the world to me! you are completely gorgeous anyway though you know <3

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 04:16pm
Monday Aug 8 @ 03:54pm

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Monday May 5 @ 11:34pm

Friday May 5 @ 08:50pm

Friday May 5 @ 08:33pm

Anonymous said: How much did you win in Deal or no Deal?

3 grand :) I could of had more but I just wasn’t even slightly brave enough to risk it. it’s so much harder when you are sat in that chair than watching it on tv haha. I put half of my winnings away for my future endevours, the rest I did fun stuff with haha ^.^

Monday Apr 4 @ 05:21pm
Friday Apr 4 @ 09:59pm

Anonymous said: May I ask who did your amazing freddy horror ink and where to? xo

Matt Perry :) he was in brighton guest tattooing but now hes back in new zealand :( </3 aha

Thursday Mar 3 @ 11:42am
Friday Mar 3 @ 08:04pm
Friday Feb 2 @ 11:47am
You know when you truly miss someone, despite the fact they did horrible things to you once.

It makes me feel so weak :(

Wednesday Feb 2 @ 03:13pm
nothing better than a really good kiss

nothing better than a really good kiss

Friday Feb 2 @ 07:22pm
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